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Christopher Columbus went to sea on the crest of these maritime advances.European world view in the late 15th century wavered between bizarre imaginings about the unknown and scientific observations of the known.Portuguese exploration and trade along the West African coast and to Atlantic islands, encouraged and directed by Prince Henry de Avis, the Navigator, continued throughout the 15th century.He assembled an international team of experts which made revolutionary advances in geography, navigation, and cartography.

L' Enfant's plan was transferred to the Library of Congress by the U. Army Corps of Engineers in 1918 and has recently been restored by the Library's Conservation Office and sealed in a case filled with argon gas.

Known as River Farm, this was one of five farms which comprised the 8,000 acres that he owned in the vicinity of Little Hunting Creek, less than ten miles south of Alexandria, Virginia.

One of the great treasures of the division is associated with the first and third presidents.

Hand-drawn on animal skins of parchment or vellum without borders and generally lacking titles and legends, they are characterized by a profusion of place names lettered perpendicular to the coastlines and an intersecting system of radiating lines and compass roses.

Many are brightly illuminated and elaborately embellished.Among the most distinctive are an anonymous Catalan chart of the Mediterranean Sea dated before 1350 (the earliest portolan chart in the Western Hemisphere); and Samuel de Champlain's chart of his three-year exploration of the northeast coast of North America, which he drew on vellum during the winter of 1606 to 1607.