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On the other hand, the wild and mysterious wolf is associated with the night, from the image of a wolf baying at the moon.

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During World War II, the Allied invasion of Normandy was set for June 5, 1944.To avoid referring to the date, for security reasons, the code word D-day was adopted.Hostile weather conditions, however, forced the postponement of this famous D-day until the next day.Gil Grissom's frequent one-liners right before the opening credits or an ad break are a well known example of a Quip to Black, although Horatio Caine's versions are perhaps the best known - mostly due to the heaping layer of cheese added to them.

Pretty much established the Necro Cam, which it uses as a device to re-enact for the viewers every single gruesome detail that can be extracted from a crime scene, and every theory it spawns. (General Physics) physics a quantity measuring duration, usually with reference to a periodic process such as the rotation of the earth or the vibration of electromagnetic radiation emitted from certain atoms.