Dating female taurus

24-Feb-2016 12:00

According to the Astro Twins, Taureans are most compatible with their fellow earth signs like Capricorns and Virgos.

They also have a good chance at love with the artsy and glam, Pisces. Taurus is least compatible with the light and airy Libra and Aquarius.

Unfortunately, this is one fact that many Taurus women are completely clueless about.

Unfortunately, Taurus women are quick to judge guys. Unfortunately, if this is how you think, you might end up alone.

Were they dependable and always there when they said they would be?

Were they tough on the outside, but a big softie romantic and all about sensitivity once you dug a little deeper?

The reality is that a lot of millionaires only become millionaires once they hit their 40s.

A lot of guys that become the top dogs in their careers really only hit their stride in their late 30s and some don’t even get to it by the time they are in their early 50s.They have all these emotional issues and you basically end up in a co-dependent relationship where you basically babysitting this person on a deep emotional level. But deep down, there are already ingredients that lead to a very promising future. In many cases, the appearances that you see are actually appearances that you choose to see. You’re not really dating the real person for who he truly is, instead, your dating that person based on who you think he is. Why should he buy the cow when he can get the milk for free?

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