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Many of the 'Defenders' fought at the Siege of Derry, which commenced with the closing of its gates on 7 December 1688 and ended on 31 July 1689 with the Jacobite army in retreat after a relief fleet, with essential food supplies, managed to break through the boom of fir and iron cable across the River Foyle.The database of 'Defenders' consists of 5 fields: Young's ID, Surname, First Name, Residence; and Remarks.

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This database contains 7 fields: Surname, First Name, Age, Year Tried, Crime, Length of Transportation Sentence (in Years) and identification of cases where Sentence was commuted Derry Almanac and Directory of 1921 name 8,000 heads of household in Derry city.Derry Genealogy Centre has computerised headstone inscriptions from 117 graveyards plus the pre-1930 registers of Derry City Cemetery.This database will normally return the name of the graveyard, date of death, name of deceased, age and townland together with a comment recording relationships, where provided, to other people recorded on the same headstone.The area served by the Superintendents Registrars district equates to the area served by a poor law union.

Hence in the national indexes to Irish civil registers (searchable at the district of Magherafelt will refer to the Poor Law Union or Superintendents District of Magherafelt and not the local registrars district of Magherafelt.Young's ID refers to the identity number used by William Young for the 'defender' in his book.