Is jim cantore and alexandra steele dating

22-Jan-2017 06:32

Storm tracker Jim Cantore was charged on January 28, 2014 by one of his student of the College of charleston situated in charleston.

He hit the boy in his stomach with his knees that disturbed him during the live broadcast.

They had a good martial relation and had two children.

He has a daughter Christina born in 1993 and a son Ben in 1995.

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Due to his huge indulgence in nature and weather, he made his career in this field as a meteorologist.

After gaining lots of love and praises, he still does have some rumors against him.

He is assumed to be gay which is not true at all and is also said to be dating which is still a mystery.

Rock star of meteorology Jim Cantore earns a handsome salary and has .5 million as his net worth.

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He is a popular weather fore caster and news reader in the weather channels.Both of them are in a marriage relationship for a long time. Well, it certainly came out as a surprise, doesn't it? The rumor between them was even confirmed after Jim divorced his wife, Tamron.