Malcolm x on interracial dating

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It has been a long time since I have been on easy terms with black women.We marched together once, and sang together once: "We Shall Overcome." There were black women and white women on the sex-roles committee of the economically and racially integrated school my children went to in Spike Lee's Brooklyn neighborhood. In the time it takes us to walk from the entrance of the RCA Building to the cab, six young black men appear as if from nowhere and extend their hands and their love to Spike Lee.

He is quoted as saying that in a fully integrated society interracial marriage would be legal.

But in this case, so far have we all fallen from the grace of harmony, I am painfully conscious of being liable to the charge of offering my credentials to prove I'm an "acceptable" white person… He spent the long hot summers with his maternal and paternal grandmothers: "Like most African-Americans who lived in the North, my parents shipped me to the South to get away from the city" (he stumbles over the word ).

"We spent half the summer in Atlanta with my grandma Zimmie"—his mother's mother—"and the other half with my father's mother, Mother Lee, in Snow Hill, Alabama.

She tells everyone I'm her grandson…"Christianity was really used to dupe and trick black people into being pacifists … Also, religion gave us spirit to go on when we had to pick that cotton, face those whips… She says, 'I don't want to get knocked over the head.'" My surprise at the contradictory reports about his grandmother's behavior make him peevish. Because of the subject matter of my films or because she doesn't want to get kidnapped for ransom. There's a battle going on for popular culture; specifics don't count." There are two epigrams to covering the bases. Wrists that look as if they could be snapped like a sapless twig. A member of the black aristocracy, his great-grandfather graduated from Tuskegee Institute.

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Look at all the great people that come from the church—Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson, Maclolm X…in [Farrakhan's] Nation of Islam, you get what's yours now. Let me say there is a Greater Being…], her father is reverend of my grandmother's church, Friendship Baptist Church. She does not tell people I'm her grandson." He yawns, having covered all religious bases with more irritability than passion. He covers all bases, recruiting rhetoric, evasion, and contraction: "Quayle and Sister Souljah are a sideshow, pathetic… One is a quotation from Malcolm X urging blacks on to self-defensive violence. Malcolm is just showing the same virtues as the forefathers of this country. Until his senior year in college, he was sexually "just invisible," he says. I got a little bit of play with women in my senior year, just a little… Spike Lee was born in Atlanta and he moved to Crown Heights, but the time and the place that has the most claim on his memory—there is always one neighborhood that is home—is Cobble Hill, where all his friends were white and Italian.

For five minutes or so I felt as if we were connecting. when Sal's Famous Pizzeria in Deb-Stuy is set ablaze, one picture in his gallery of heroes—Sophia Loren, Vic Damone, Rocky Marciano, Joe Di Maggio—burns with a consuming fire. Now, in the gutter of his boredom, good faith and goodwill lie buried, casualties of his contempt ... And something snapped in Danny, and he just vomited all this XXXSpike Lee's legs are stretched out on the couch; it is in the afternoon, and work for the day has ended. He's on the phone: "If you don't be cool, somebody else's bone is gonna be up you thing..." Do I want to hear Spike Lee talk dirty? You don't think it would have made a difference to white culture if they'da been taught Jesus was black? XXXFor several years, we lived, the Lee family and mine, about five blocks away from each other in Cobble Hill, a brownstone neighborhood that was on its way to being gentrified and renovated out of its working-class-Italian identity.

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