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Having produced one album composed of nine songs, Yoo had written, composed, and edited the entire album by himself, which came as a shock to the musicians of his era.His work later became idolized by many musicians, and he is recognized for having led the Korean popular music culture to a higher level.Furthermore, the annual “Yoo Jaeha Music Contest” is another form of his continued legacy, which produces a number of musical prodigies every year.The exhibition displays a number of Yoo Jae-ha's old items.As a part of the promotion for the exhibition, a street performance, or busking, was held by music clubs of Hanyang, where students sang the songs of Yoo.It drew a large crowd despite the biting cold and was deemed meaningful to the audience as well as the performers.

She added that although Yoo’s music was somewhat quiet and gloomy, he was a funny and energetic person in real life.

Recreating the life of Yoo Jae-ha The exhibition is part of a project called, “The People of Hanyang”, dedicated to celebrating and appreciating the people of Hanyang who had left their marks in the world.

I think artists like Godard, Andy Warhol, Madonna, Sasha Baron Cohen, The Beatles, Yoko Ono, Kanye West, among others, are all using art to raise awareness to bigger social and political issues. I mean, I'm wearing clothes, but I try to let myself feel as vulnerable as possible and that's when I'm able to create the most interesting music.… continue reading »

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